February 2018 UPDATES

The conference is soon approaching and we just want to say that we are super excited to see everyone! Our numbers are a bit low and we would like to please ask everyone to share with coworkers and colleagues around the state of Texas the great information you all obtain at this conference. We want to thank all of those that keep attending year and year. We hope to deliver a great conference and please let us know the good job or if we need improvements!
Our Board Members July 2017 doing some team building excercises in San Marcos, TX. We hope you enjoy our conference location! We look forward to seeing all of you in February!

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Attrition and Dropout Rates in Texas
  • Texas public schools are losing one out of four students.
  • Each fall, IDRA releases its attrition study. Attrition rates are an indicator of a school’s holding power, or the ability to keep students enrolled in school and learning until they graduate. Key findings from the latest study show the following.
    • Texas is failing to graduate one out of every four students.
    • 25 percent of the freshman class of 2012-13 left school prior to graduating from a Texas public high school in the 2015-16 school year.
    • Texas high schools lost 102,610 students between 2012-13 and 2015-16. At
    • 106 counties had a lower attrition rate than last year, 110 counties had a higher attrition rate than last year, and 18 counties had the same rate as last year.
    • The racial-ethnic gaps are nearly as high as or higher than 30 years ago.
    • Black students and Hispanic students are about two times more likely to leave school without graduating with a diploma than White students.
    • In the last 30 years, Texas schools have lost a cumulative total of more than 3.6 million students from public high school enrollment prior to graduation.



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